Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Get Emotional After Wrexham AFC Wins Promo

The “Deadpool” star, 46, captioned a clip via Instagram of him and McElhenney, 46, emotionally embracing after Wrexham AFC won the national league championship on Saturday, April 22.

Since acquiring the fifth-tier Welsh football team in 2021, Reynolds, 45, and McElhenney, 46, have done everything possible to ensure their Red Dragons succeed. They’ve created a brand new fan membership scheme, refurbished the stadium, and introduced commercial partnerships, creating a new story for the club.

In addition, the duo has launched an engaging social media campaign to promote the club and the surrounding community. For example, a recent Instagram post about the club’s first win under its ownership received over 60,000 comments.

The couple also toured the Racecourse Ground, the home of Wrexham AFC, and met with fans. They looked delighted to be there and said they look forward to a long and successful partnership with the fans.

Taking over a soccer team is not easy, but the pair have had support from their wife, Blake Lively, throughout the process. Their marriage has grown stronger since the takeover, and they’re both adamant that it will be the best thing they ever did together.

Their relationship with the local community has also significantly influenced their success at Wrexham. They’ve been able to reach out to the town to understand its culture better and build lasting relationships with local leaders.

This has made a big difference to the Wrexham fanbase and allowed them to be a part of the club’s success. In addition, this helped them become more invested in their team and their community, something that was different before they took over.

One thing that surprised me is how much of a fan base Wrexham has in Wales and abroad. The fact that the Red Dragons are so famous has boosted their profile and helped them secure new commercial partnerships.

To get more people to follow the team and its supporters, the duo has also created a compelling docuseries called Welcome to Wrexham that follows their journey with the club. It premiered on FX in August and is now available on Hulu.

The docuseries focuses on the challenges of owning a sports team, highlighting the harsh lessons the duo learned. In particular, the documentary details how they had to break up with a veteran player when they first took over the team.

But the documentary has been an enormous hit and has even drawn the attention of the BBC. As a result, the show was nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award for best documentary or reality series.

Despite the challenges of owning a sports team, the two owners have had a lot of fun along the way. They’ve been able to bring the glamour of Hollywood to the small town of Wrexham and its fans.

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