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Top Features to Focus on When Shopping for a New Home Printer


For most families, the best printer for homes can quickly become a busy central hub. Low-noise features help minimize distraction when printing big school projects, while multifunctionality helps you handle family travel documents, medical records, and family photos, to mention a few.

Solo households may require fewer features, but multifunction printers don’t always cost more or take up more room than a single-function device. From print speed to duty cycle and more, these are the top features to keep in mind as you search for a new printer for your space.

Print Speed

Typically measured in pages per minute (ppm), print speed is a key feature on the best printer for homes  that varies widely from one type to the next. Smaller devices designed for low-volume routines may print 5 ppm in some settings. Even though enterprise models may produce 70 ppm or more in just about any format.

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While print speed is especially essential, it isn’t the only factor that impacts turnaround. Format plays a role in determining speed, too, particularly when you choose between a color vs. a black-and-white printer. Be sure to factor this in when looking to buy the best printer for homes.

Paper Handling

How much paper do you need your home printer to store? How many pages can its outputs trays handle? What types of paper can it handle? In the event that you frequently produce large print projects, you may want to consider going for a more robust home printer with additional room for higher capacity standard trays, or even add-on trays.

Aside from great turnaround and multifunction features, the best printer for homes handles oversized paper format and packs in tons of room for storage. Furthermore, it features high-yield cartridges support and full fax functionality, so you’re prepared for almost every eventuality.

The Bottom Line

Buying the best printer for homes shouldn’t be stressful as it sounds to most people. The catch is in doing your homework to better understand the features to watch out for while making this all-important purchase decision.

This entails looking into the print speed, color or B&W, single or multifunction, inkjet, laser, or smart tank, to mention a few. With what online shopping offers, you can now access the best printer for homes without moving a muscle. All it takes is to find a reputable online store to leverage, and you’re good to go.



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