What You Need to Know about Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Telling the difference between Bipolar and BPD can at times be difficult. And you’re not to blame considering they both depict symptoms of impulsiveness and mood swings. Despite this, they differ in numerous ways and have dissimilar treatments.

That’s why you should always it upon yourself to understand the difference between BPD and Bipolar to easily understanding the condition you’re battling. Fret not since we are here to help clear some of the doubts surrounding these two mental health conditions.

To start things off, it is in your best interest to have a better understanding of what each condition entails. For those who might not know, Bipolar Disorder also known as manic depression leads to swings in mood, energy, and the ability to functions throughout the day.

Things tend to be different with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) since it involves a longstanding pattern of abrupt, moment-to-moment swings in moods, relationships, behavior, and self-image. People battling BPD tend to experience overly strong emotional responses to upsetting life events and often try to hurt themselves.

When uncovering the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, it is mostly associated with alternating periods of depression and mania and can last from days to months. Compared to BPD, the mood swings of Bipolar Disorder are not triggered by interpersonal conflicts.

During times of mania, you mayfeel excessively happy or angry, make do with racing thoughts and ideas, talk more and faster, make big plans, and take more risks. In periods of depression, symptoms might include drop in energy, lasting sadness, less activity and energy, restlessness and irritability.

For those diagnosed with BPD, they might have trouble controlling your thoughts and managing your feelings, and often have impulsive and reckless behavior. Other symptoms include frantic efforts to avoid feeling abandoned, poor self-image, impulsiveness, self-harm, and history of unstable, intense relationships.

If at all you suspect to be battling Bipolar Disorder or BPD, then be sure to have a word with your medical practitioner. It is then that they will diagnose your condition and offer treatment options based on their findings.

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