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Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Dating Trend Ground Hogging


In this era of modern love, there are trends every now and then that grab all our attention. From ‘situationship’ to ‘dating app selfies’, there are new terms that keep us confused and need a manual to decipher.

A new term that has been making the rounds is ground hogging, and it’s all about repeatedly dating a similar kind of person. It is said that this term was derived from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ and this trend has been growing over time.

The idea is that you date someone and then start feeling disappointed with their behavior or actions. This makes you start dating again, and this cycle continues until you finally break it off.

While this trend has several other reasons, this one is the most common.

According to research conducted by the dating app Inner Circle, people these days are missing out on their chances of meeting great people.

Most of them focus on their social media profiles and need to meet people in real life.

Single Indians prioritize intellectual intimacy over physical requirements when it comes to dating.

As per a survey, almost 38% of the women in India admit that they are comfortable dating younger people, especially regarding age gaps in relationships.

They are also open to dating older men and believe that the best way to find love is through social media, where they can interact with their friends and meet potential partners from a broader range of age groups.

Another trend that is gaining popularity is co-habiting.

In all countries around the world, there are increasing numbers of couples who are co-habiting, meaning that they live together without being married.

This phenomenon has been growing in the last few years, and many have started to feel that it may be a better option than getting married.

However, this can lead to a lot of problems as well. For example, if both partners need more money or assets, it can be easier for them to support themselves.

These problems can even cause the relationship to fall apart as both partners have to compromise on certain things.

Hence, the couple needs to understand their financial status and what they can afford.



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