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Google Removes Over 3,500 Loan Apps in India for Violating Play Store Policy


Google, the world’s largest search engine, has taken action against more than 3,500 loan apps in India in 2022 for violating Play Store policy. The move follows reports of loan apps using deceptive practices to trick customers into taking out loans at high interest rates.

The loan apps in question have been removed from the Google Play Store, and Google has also taken action against developers who were found to be engaging in such practices. In a statement, Google said that “we have removed several thousand loan apps from the Play Store in India over the past year for violating our policies.”

The company added that it “continues to work closely with law enforcement and government agencies in India to address this issue and protect users.” The move comes after reports of loan apps using coercive tactics to recover payments from customers, including harassment and blackmail.

Loan apps have become increasingly popular in India, with millions of people using them to access credit quickly and easily. However, the lack of regulation in the sector has led to a rise in fraudulent practices by some companies, which has resulted in a large number of complaints from customers.

Google’s action against these loan apps is a step towards ensuring that customers are not exploited by such companies. The company’s policy on loan apps requires that they provide clear and transparent information about interest rates, repayment periods, and other terms and conditions.

Moreover, loan apps that are found to be violating these policies are removed from the Play Store. This helps to protect users from deceptive practices and reduces the risk of financial fraud.

In conclusion, Google’s action against over 3,500 loan apps in India is a positive step towards protecting consumers from fraudulent loan apps. With the rapid growth of loan apps in India, it is essential that companies adhere to ethical practices and provide transparent information to their customers. Google’s strict policy on loan apps and the removal of those that violate its policies is a positive move that will help to safeguard the interests of Indian consumers.



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